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My name is Sam Johnson and I am a retired advertising guy. I have two very successful grown children and a wife who is the love of my life. I live on seven acres in the hill country of Texas, southwest of Austin. I eat too much barbeque, and Mexican food, and whenever possible, drink a little red wine. All-in-all, life is pretty good. I use to write about soap, cereal and the likes. Now I write just for fun. I write the way I talk, which is not always an asset. I try to write about real things disguised as fiction, but I guess that’s what everyone tries to do. In any case, I hope you find it interesting .   


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THUMBS (Hitchhiking Home) is a coming of age story that takes place on a 3,000-mile hitchhiking trek from Portland, Oregon to Dallas, Texas. It is funny, scary and everything in-between. It’s a story about the people who are crazy enough to offer a seventeen year-old kid a free ride, and a seventeen year-old kid who is dumb enough to accept those rides.

The King Of Big Sandy

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The King Of Big Sandy is about the success and failure of an entire town. The people are real and lessons are hard. In the end, few people understood what happened because they had forgotten what was important. The King's mistake was that he knew what was real, and thought football in Texas was just a game.

Best & Worst

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Golf is a game and games ought to be fun and that’s where I start. I may say something serious now and then, but in general, that’s not my job. I understand that there are plenty of people out there who are a lot smarter than me, so if I get a little uppity I expect to hear about it. Other than that, there are no secret handshakes to learn over the next hundred or so pages.

Email me with any questions, answers, or life lessons you may have.